Links To Friends

Just some awetastical people who’s work you should check out…

Kody Boye’s Wondergasm

Kody Boye is the sexxxy author of “The Inner Saga”

Bill Breedlove’s Curious Stories

Bill Breedlove is an amazingly talented and disturbed author who’s stories can be found in one of my favorite anthologies ever “Candy In The Dumpster”

The Official Blog Of Jeff Burk

Jeff Burk is the bad-ass author of “Shatnerquake”

THE Garret Cook?

Garret Cook is the twisted author of the “Murderland” series

Constance Ann Fitzgerald’s atrainwreckwithwords

Constance Ann Fitzgerald is the buxom and burgeoning author of atrianwreckithwords, her blog featuring stories of her adventures working in a head/porn-shop

Brent Millis’ The Moped Ronin

Brent Millis is the soggy author of the online serial novella “Bukkake Brawl”

Mike Mitchell’s darkwingmantis

Come hang out with hottie Mike Mitchell at “Don’t Look In The Podcast”

Moses Siregar’s Passion For The Writing Life

Moses Siregar is an Epic Fantasy writer who’s book, “Deus Ex Karma: The Black God’s War”, can be extensively previewed on Authonomy

A Blog By And Largely about Whitney Streed

Whitney Streed is the awesome gender-hacking stand-up comic who’s stuff can be found at PDX Comedy Blog

😀 A very special thank you to one of my favorite artists, Aegis for letting me use his bad-ass piece, “Wanderer” on my sidebar!  😀


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