Free: “Revisions.”

***ABOUT THIS ONE: I don’t really know… 😀 It’s your crossword puzzle, guys.***

“Revisions: The Ancient Primordial  Soliloquy Of An Alien-Death-God. ”

An instant before it was destined to rot, the egg was cracked opened and the womb was flushed to avoid miscarriage.
It’s contents set adrift like Moses down the Nile.
Washed in obscurity.
Smeared with vulgarity, blasphemy, and passion and christened with a jagged champagne bottle.
Revise! You don’t see it, but we sent it down just for you.

Oh yes, Me and My Kind and I, for millennia we have been watching you from our Space-Boat-Rocket-Ship. Watching as you grovel, as you shove your brother down, just to get a little closer and lap up this vile-sweet concoction.
For it is my blood.

The shards are digestible, though the concepts are unbearable.
The life so simple, and quite simple unlivable. The dressing in your salad has more fat and carbs than a burger does.
Revise! Now you can eat the pig, but yogurt is bad for you.
Revise! Switch it up, for Christ’s sake! Mohammed was a woman. The Holy Cow is bronzed and off-limits. Stop worshipping that thing!
Revise! Yogurt’s good again, nothing more natural than yogurt.

Do not pass go, do not collect 2 chromosomes.
Stay in line.
Line ‘em up, knock ‘em down.
Sir, how DARE you come as you are, while I am forced to come as a drifter in the night!?!?!?
Knock., knock!
Who’s there?
Revise who?

A little bit of testicular fortitude, mixed up with some tentacle-rape, do another line off the hookers tits for good measure.
Wars! Famine! Pestilence!
A plaque! A plaque upon your children’s teeth!
And the incisors and molars and bicuspids of your children’s children!
For the bad hygiene of the step-dad.
For the oil-spill crucifixion of Aqua-Lad.
We shall chill in our heavenly bachelor’s pad until He returns in a Whirlwind!
Or in a Tempest!
Or whatever.
And until that time, we look forward to

-Randy J. Woodard.


~ by randywoodard on July 15, 2010.

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