Free: “Gravity.”

***ABOUT THIS ONE: Just a poem I wrote a few weeks back, I really like the spinny vertigo feel I get from reading it and I hope you guys enjoy it too! Also, I would like to thank my friend jkittycatt20 from deviantart for letting me use his piece “Don’t Jump” to go along with it. (Click on the image below to visit  jkittycatt20’s gallery on deviantart!) Thanks all!***


The way up was
The hardest part
He stands now
On a plateau
Looks down
Its not like on TV
No firemen
With big nets
No policemen
With megaphones
He glances over his shoulder
No men in white coats
With butterfly nets
Looks back down
No detractors
No supporters
Not at all like TV
The air is thin and dry up here
He licks his lips
Runs his tongue across 
The upper one
He has a cold-sore
Because she has a cold-sore
Because her boss has a cold-sore
And his brother has a cold-sore
Everyone in this city has a cold-sore
This city is a cold-sore
This world is a cold-sore
Still staring down
At all the ant-people
With all their ant-problems
And all their ant-mortgages
Vertigo now sinks
Its long and twisty claws 
Into his brain
And all the ant-people
And their ant-cars
And their ant-streets
Into a perfect little
He doesn’t fight this
He dances with it
He swoons with it
Sways inside it
He has decided
That he would like
Nothing better
Than to
Stay inside it
And Jesus Christ!  He’s starting to feel 
As if he has become
Some kind of Skinny Little Anti-Buddha
As if he has found
The most curiously precarious
And yet
Oddly steady
Inside this
Disorienting and 
Perverted state
Of Zen-like 
He hopes to catch an old lady at the bottom…
He closes his eyes
Or a kid…
And lets go
Releases everything 
To whoever decides 
To claim it 
Releases himself
And letsNewton’s Law 
Claim him
This is it
No more clinging
No more hanging
No more thinking
After this
After all
There would probably 
Be just enough time
To regret this
If he stopped 
Thinking that
If he stopped
Thinking that
There would probably
Be just enough time
He connects with the Earth now
And it hurts
Until it doesn’t. 

-Randy J. Woodard

~ by randywoodard on June 26, 2010.

One Response to “Free: “Gravity.””

  1. The world is a cold sore. I’ll second that.

    Nice piece!

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