Free: “Trance-Fiction.”

***ABOUT THIS ONE: Okay so first off, thank you to everyone who has joined my blog so far! 😀 As most of you know, I am currently deployed in Iraq, and the past few days have been hectic starting this weird blog and coming up with material to post on it (most of my stuff is tied up in submissions right now), along with doing my normal work duties, so I really appreciate you guys bearing with me. It just makes me really happy that  you guys are reading my stuff and letting me take you into my little worlds for a while. All that being said, after a few attempts at some now half finished stories, this is the first thing i dubbed good enough to go on here. It’s not really a story or a poem, it’s more of like a bastard-child of both, but I think it’s a pretty good introduction to this blog, so without further ado, I give you… “Trance-Fiction”***


It’s okay.
Permit yourself.
Allow yourself now to become as empowered as a freshly battered wife
And as vulnerable as a newly apprehended rapist.
Standing still and quietly resting now in this womb-like state.
Slowly, you feel yourself begin to slide worm-like,
Like some kind of gooey kidney stone,
Passing through this wet and familiar tulip-urethra.
It lasts an eternity.
It passes too quickly.
Finally, you are ejaculated,
And you splatter onto the face of the earth
With a soft, wet ‘sploosh.’
You are the cosmic money-shot.
You are a star now
And no one can even tell that you burnt out light-years ago.
Immediately, you can feel yourself begin to regroup.
Congeal and coagulate into something
More than a god
But less than a man.
You’ve hardened.
You look down at your body,
Your stomach,
Your hands.
Your new skin is blue and glowing and translucent
And it contrasts so beautifully with the bright red afterbirth that covers your body.
You lick some from your fingertips.
It’s raspberry-flavoured.
Welcome to Nowhere-Land.
Welcome to Nirvana.
Welcome to the jungle where the lion sleeps eternally
In it’s Rohypnol-induced coma,
And that old cannibalistic dog-eating-dog
Has finally devoured itself.
Yup, they’ve both kicked the can,
Screwed the pooch,
And invested in some nice rural property
Where they can pursue a very unprofitable career in agriculture.
You’re safe now.
As safe as can be,
As long as you keep moving ahead.
Facing forward
Just strolling on as your appendages wither and fall away.
You become acutely aware that you had better not stop,
Even for a moment,
To collect yourself.
You now faintly realize that
If you dare to turn around,
For even a second to glance back,
Your own Shadow will very likely
Consume and destroy you completely.
This is only because the light that is emitting from you
And illuminating your path
Is shining so brightly
That it blurs your vision.
You can hear the welcoming whispers behind you so clearly,
And the way is long,
And, in time, you convince yourself
That one peek won’t hurt.
You are invincible, after all.
So you glance backward
And instantly
The Shadow falls upon you
A thousand empty eyes staring through you.
A million hungry jaws snapping at
And clamping down
On you.
Screaming and scraping and tearing and rending
Your clear blue armor-flesh
To sunders.
The sounds of your own screams deafen you.
At last, The Darkness eclipses you
And you black out.
When you awaken,
If you awaken,
Your skin will once more be peach colored, salty, and edible.
The dog-eating-dog is back
And he‘s as hungry as ever.
The lion has awoken
And he’s lying to the lamb again.
But you don’t have to worry.
You can go back whenever you need to.
It’s okay.
Permit yourself.

-Randy J. Woodard.


~ by randywoodard on June 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Free: “Trance-Fiction.””

  1. I really liked this. You have some great imagery here, especially with the cannibalistic dog and the comparisons to drugs, religion, etc. It’s nice and smooth, not hard to read at all (which is something that initially dissuades me when reading poetry.)

    Keep up the good work. I really liked this.

  2. GREAT RIDLEY SCOT! I really liked this one too. It is extremely well written. I wrote something similar (not at all similar actually) a few years back after a harsh break up. Mine was an attempt at something you’ve apparently mastered. Mine was retarded haha. I’ll post it on my blog soon so you can see what I am talking about.

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